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Humanities 100: Creative and Critical Thinking

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    I have provided the following files (their numbers are unrelated to the weekly homework assignments) of general themes, quotations, and comments as a resource for your practice of creative and critical thinking during the quarter, for inclusion in your homework (use any file for any week[), and for the shaping of your world view statements.  You will need to spend a few hours a week selecting a relevant quote and writing a comment for your homework.  Many of them are not relevant unless you provide a context--the topic for the week.

    You have probably heard many of these quotes before. Some of them are popular sound bites used by public speakers to attract the attention of their audience with an unusual insight or witty saying.  They are often truisms that mean anything and everything and therefore nothing.  They could be over generalized, i.e., there could be insufficient evidence or facts to support the claim.  They could refer to something outside the context of your life as is, but within the context of a world view you wish to create, i.e., not valid now but under certain conditions would be valid.  Some are simply more true than false; some are more false then true.  

     Use them to get some insight into how you think.  Reflect on whether any guide your behavior and could become personal principles of action and habits of thought985+-.  Reflect on how particular quotes or comments affect your attitudes and values or at least confirm what you already know about yourself.

     I hope you will increase your awareness of self and others.  I hope you develop faith in yourself as a truth seeker, learn to learn, take learning risks, fear not your mistakes, and learn from your mistakes. I would like you to be a little more comfortable with uncertainty and less likely to be duped.

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When you use a quote in your homework, indicate the Resource file you use.

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