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How Does It Work?
Humanities 100: Creative and Critical Thinking

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Register online at

You can work from home, office--anywhere you have Internet access.  You can set your own schedule within a schedule.  There are weekly reading and writing assignments.   You will use email to communicate with the instructor.  Send to  Be prepared to work independently and use email. You need your own email account (college account is fine).

Question--Will I need to schedule time to come to class or to your office?

No. You can do all of your work from off campus.

Question--How much time does this class take?

Once you are familiar with the course procedures, you can do the readings and assignments in about 10 hours a week.

Question--How do I begin?

Review the course requirements, schedule, and initial content and determine if the course meets your expectations. Register.  Work within the class schedule.

Question--What skills are emphasized in an online class?

Independent learning, self starting, computer literacy,  and screen reading skills are required.  This online course also requires that the student develop and manage a schedule within a 10-week framework (except summer). Although there may be no face-to-face interaction and little voice-to-voice interaction, students find email an enjoyable medium for interacting with the instructor. Careful readers and writers will enjoy this course.  Students who are not careful readers or writers struggle in the course.

Question--Who does Humanities 100 really work for?

It works best for imaginative/reasonable people and those who want to satisfy 5 credits of a college humanities general education requirement.

Question--What is the logic of Humanities 100?

Students study 10 contemporary themes in order to develop their thinking skills, personal principles, and a world view statement.

Question--How do I do the course work?

Follow the weekly instructions.  Put responses to writing assignments, reading assignments, and relevant quotes from resources in an appropriate file defined in the summary, introduction, and course guide at this website.   Assignments are usually due the first part of the appropriate week.  Follow the schedule in the course guide. Send an email message to  as described in the course guide.

Question--What can I learn from completing Humanities 100?

See the learning outcomes in the syllabus. You will probably also learn the strengths and weaknesses of distance learning using the Internet. I hope your suggestions will improve this site.

For more information you can call 253-833-9111 in Auburn.  Seek Enrollment Services at extension 2500.  You can also register online.  Go to