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Spring 2016 Sections 4895 and 4899 March 28th to June 10th

Welcome Spring 2016 students. Read left to right, top to bottom on all pages (like a book) and follow all links as the quarter progresses.  Carefully read the summary below before moving on. Print the summary for future reference. You need not access this website through Angel or Canvas.  The course is on this web site and does not require a password or a course book.

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Humanities 100:  Creative and Critical Thinking Course Summary

  • There are six due dates and eleven weeks of assignments (homework) the student needs to be concerned about.  The homework is submitted in a document file with the student's last name and the relevant weeks. For Spring quarter they are:

Check in email due by Friday, April 1st.

Student's Last Name1-3--All three weeks in one attached document file. Due Monday, April 18th.
Smith4-6 (attached file). Due Monday, May 9th.
Smith7-9 (attached file). Due Monday, May 23rd.
Smith10  (attached file). Due Monday, June 6th.
Smith11  (attached file). Due Wednesday, June 8th.

  • Each week (1-9) consists of THREE different assignments, including a Reading Review, a Writing Assignment, and a Quote Commentary regarding the Week's topic.  The topics are described in the syllabus and course guide linked above and at the Humanities 100 Home Page.

Reading Review: Read the selected material for the week.  Write a critical review (around 500 words).  Make sure to quote from the material within your review.

Writing Assignment:  Follow the specific instructions for each week’s writing assignment.

Quote Commentary:   Choose and critically evaluate a quote that is directly related (relevant) to the week's topic using any list. Do not use quotes from the assignments.  Use only those quotes you find from quote resources. Write at least 100 words.

  • Save each set of assignments, for example the first three weeks 1-3, in the same document file.  If you are not using Microsoft Word, save your document as rtf (rich text format).

                Attach your document (file) to an email and submit by the due date noted above and in the course guide.

1. Send to

2. The email subject line should read: Humanities 100

3. Email should include a formal salutation:  Dear Dr. Casad,

4. Use appropriate language in the body of the email:  “The attached file is the first set of assignments for Humanities 100, etc.”

5. Close your email with a proper close:  Sincerely, John Smith

  • Grading and Late Assignments:

Response time:  You will receive a response within 3 days of an assignment due date.   If you do not receive a response, inquire immediately to

Grading:  Reading Reviews can receive as much as 3 points, Writing Assignments 4 points,  and Quote Commentaries 3 points for a total of 10 points per week, a total of 100 points for all 10 weeks, with 4 possible extra credit points for Week 11.  Points are marked in the returned homework.

Grading Scale: Over the course of the quarter, you can accumulate 106 points if you do the extra credit. The points will produce a decimal grade like this: 106-97(4.0), 96(3.9), 95(3.8), 94(3.7), 93(3.6), 92(3.5), 91(3.4), 90(3.3), 89(3.2), 88(3.1), 87(3.0), 86(2.9)...67(1.0). See also Grades.

Late Assignments:   Late homework (including incorrectly submitted homework turned in late--see syllabus) will not be marked or returned so be sure to submit all work before or by 11:59 pm on the published due dates. 

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Humanities 100 Home Page

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